Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heavy heart, many thanks

Army Specialist Cory M. Poast is stationed in Mosul, Iraq, about 6,189 miles from home in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Cory is with the 84th Engineer Battalion/523rd Engineering Company. He's injured his ankle a couple of times while working with a unit of heavy equipment operators.

My ankle is doing better, and I am finally walking without a limp. Hopefully no long term damage has occurred.

I will be returning to my family soon! I would like to thank everyone that supports us troops. Thank you for sacrificing your time. Thank you for caring. Thank you for your willingness to reach out. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for making me cry. Thank you for the donations. Thank you for the prayers........ (I heard them, way over here) Thank you for warming my heart. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for your support. Thank you for worrying. Thank you for your recognition. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for all you do for the troops! It's people like you that keep us going! All of you! We love you very much! We will continue to help keep our country safe and free! When I think of all the support I've gotten, I start to get a heavy heart, and tear up. I then wipe that tear up, put it in my fist, and hold it close to my heart.