Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Badger Trips a bad guy?

Travel agency Badger Trips offered free trips to the Rose Bowl for Wisconsin vets, then withdrew the offer when it found that the seats were sold or selling out quickly.
Some of the folks commenting on the story seem to think this is a slap in the face for veterans.
I talked with one of the travel agency co-owners and he seemed very sorry about the turn of events. It was a pretty nice gesture to begin with, and the company is saying it will make it up to veterans at a later time. But many are reacting by saying the almighty dollar trumped allegiance to our fighting men and women.
Perhaps it's ironic that the for-profit economic system the military fights to preserve has in this case come back to bite a few veterans. With unemployment as high as it is, it shouldn't be a surprise that the free market system -- despite all its benefits -- can be a rough game.