Friday, July 31, 2009

Red arrow points to Lindsay's love in Hi Mom video

Lindsay Herman, fiance of a Madison man serving overseas in the Wisconsin National Guard, tells us how the 32nd IBCT's Red Arrow pointed her to a fleeting glimpse of her young man in the Hi Mom video currently circulating on YouTube.

Here's a portion of Lindsay's email to A World Away:
Initially Chad sent me the link with no explanation, so I started watching. I was watching the video and thought it was cute, but then I saw was the 32nd red arrow in the background of one of the stages, and I started to get a little curious. Then there he was! I actually made a surprised scream sound - my roommate probably thought I was crazy. I haven't seen him in that much clarity since I saw him in April.

The internet in Iraq is so flaky that all I usually get is a grainy image. I watched the video probably 20 times that night over and over.

It was almost as if he was waving just to me :)
(Pause while crusty, cynical news reporter wipes away a tear.) The video was posted by a self-described comedian who apparently entertained the troops. Chad is from Madison, WI. He's a specialist in the Wisconsin Army National Guard's Janesville unit who was working for Capital City Harley Davidson before being deployed.

Can you spot the red arrow that heightened Lindsay's curiousity?

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One more time, here's the clip.