Friday, August 28, 2009

Suffer the children in the cribs of Camp Taji

From Nick Druecke at Camp Taji, Iraq, roughly 6,339 miles from home in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

Our living quarters are glorified trailers. I think I already bought this up on a note once, so I'll be brief on this subject. They literally are trailers, three rooms to a trailer, and two men to a room. Unless you're an officer - go figure - the college boys are pampered. They live in larger trailers, only two rooms to a trailer, and one man per room. Suffer the children I suppose.

I would say the rooms I live in are roughly 10' X 10' but you also have to put in two beds (twin), two nightstands (broken), and two closets. So really you only have about three feet of walking room between the two of us. If your roommate is messy, your area is messy. That is unfortunately the case for me, no chance of a change in that department either.
Live from Iraq, Nick