Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm heading home to care for Carter after car crash hurt his mom

From Sgt. Robert Grinage of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. He is stationed 6,646 miles from home at Camp Bucca, Iraq.

When I was on leave last month my handsome son was born. His name is Carter Matthew Laursen. He is my little trooper. The mother of Carter is Jaci Laursen. She is a great mother.

But at this time she is hospitalized because she was in a serious car accident.
As of now the military is sending me home, to care for my son while the mother of my child goes through surgeries. I ask all to pray for Jaci and the Laursen family as they they are under this hard time in the family's life.

As this has been going on I have been receiving pictures of my little trooper. It is a true statement when parents say: "Children will change your life." I am 10,000 miles away and i can totally tell that statement is true.

It is hard watching your child grow up through pictures. But in the same time, it's like Christmas every day I receive them. I would like to thank both families of my son. Without them my son would never know who I am till I come home. Thanks guys. Jaci get better soon, my prayers are with you.

- Robert